"My most favorite thing in the world is to search for unique natural stones that nature gave. And mach them together.
I love how each stone has its' uniqueness, flaws and characteristics.
How it's changing when hits the light and how it shines from within!
I want to convey this feeling to everybody, so I like to make unique looking pieces, simple and tasteful.
I seek for aesthetics like so I could not find anywhere else!
Natural semi-precious gemstones and metals, such as copper, silver, steel and so on.
I do not appreciate cheap materials that can cause allergies and it does not wear well.
I hope that you find wearing "Ruta OM Wolf" jewelry as joyful as I do making it :)"
- Jeweler

Ruta O.M. Wolf brand represents handmade jewellery, made with love, passion and patience.

Brand title is made up after jewelers full name Ruta Ostapenkaite-Matuleviciene Vilke(Wolf).
Ruta(Rue) is grace and innocence, O.M. - it's the beggining and the end, Wolf - wilderness and strength.
Subtil intimation of fertility, existence, achievement and pride.

Hints of nature, appreciation of natural earth materials and elements. Take it with you and let it be your charm.

Made in Lithuania.